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Use to discover all candidates and issues on your ballot.
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Research Your Vote

Use VOTE411 to find about issues and candidates on your ballot.

• - the LWV's online Voters Guide
•  How to Use Vote411
•  How can I make an informed choice?
•  Encourage Candidates to Participate in LWV Events

What's On My Ballot for the May 28, 2024 Primary Election Runoff?

Republican Primary Runoff

United States Representative, District 35 (R)
Representante de los Estados Unidos, Distrito Núm. 35 (R)
• Michael Rodriguez REP
• Steven Wright  REP

The runoff race for US Representative, District 35 is the only race on the ballot for Hays County Republicans.

Hays County Elections Office Master Sample Ballot for the May 28 Republican Party Runoff Election.


Democratic Party Runoff

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 2 (D)
Juez, Distrito del Corte de Apelaciones Núm. 3, Lugar Núm. 2 (D)
• Maggie Ellis DEM
• Edward Smith DEM

Hays County  Condado de Hays

Tax Assessor-Collector (D)
Asesor-Colector de Impuestos (D)
• Jessica Sanchez DEM
• Jennifer M. Escobar DEM

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2 (D)
Juez de Paz, Precinto Núm. 2, Lugar Núm. 2 (D)
• Amanda K. Calvert DEM
• J.R. Mendoza DEM

Hays County Elections Office Master Sample Ballot for the May 28 Democratic Party Runoff Election.


Researching Your Vote

In the month before any election a variety of tools are available to make it possible for you to research each candidate running for election. The League of Women Voters created as an online tool that performs many of the same functions as the LWV Voters Guides.

Each candidate (Republican or Democrat) is provided a short nonpartisan questionnaire to respond to, created by local League members familiar with issues likely to face office holders in a given particular race. The questions allow voters to find out from the candidates themselves through their written responses about their qualifications for the office, their priorities for the office if elected (or re-elected.)

That is the basis for the printed Voters Guides too. Offices for which there is only one candidate are not included in the printed or online guide since it is designed to help voters determine their choice.

Caveat: Candidates who do not respond to the questionnaire by League deadlines do not have their information included. You can help that process by encouraging all candidates to have a public email address for their candidacy [ex.] listed on file with the Elections Office and on their social media. It can be tremendously difficult for League volunteers to find contact information for candidates since contact information is by law kept private in candidate filing paperwork.

Candidate Forums or Debates

The LWV of Hays County hosted Dripping Springs ISD School Board candidates in candidate forums. A mutually agreeable forum schedule for other contested races in some local areas of Hays County was not possible, so no other candidate forums were held.

Videos of the forum have been made available for voters. Please check back. We will post links to candidate forums under Forums Webinars Programs under the Events tab. 

Please note that forums for contested elections for which only one candidate agrees to appear will not be held. A candidate statement may be read by a League member. is LIVE with information about the Mar 5 Election now.

Voters Guides

Local Voters Guide

The May 28 Primary Runoff Voters Guide from the LWV of Hays County covers the four races in which four races primary candidates for the general election have yet to be determined. One race in the Republican Primary is still contested for residents of U.S. House of Representatives, District 35. Three races on the Democratic ballot remain to be determined. All Hays County Democratic voters can determine the nominee for the general election for Justice, Third Court of Appeals, Place 2 and for Tax Assessor- Collector. Democratic voters living in Precinct 2 can determine the nominee for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2.

Those who win the nomination for their party will be on the November 5 General Election ballot. Other nominees were selected during the March 5 Primary Election.

Download the guide to read the pages or go to, enter your address to see what is on your ballot, choose your primary (Republican or Democratic), and then select the race you want to view. Below the candidates' photos are checkboxes. To compare both runoff candidates on each question, check each box. Then scroll down to view the answers.
Printed Voters Guide from the LWVTX

The links below each image of the nonpartisan voters guide to the right lead to the full voters guide, one in English an the other in Spanish.

Statewide and district runoff elections elections are available there. To access the Hays County runoff races and candidates, go to and enter your address. You will see the races that will be on your ballot and can then view the candidates as well as their responses to League questions. – the LWV's online Voters Guide was the 2020 People's Voice Winner Webby Award.

The Webby Awards honors excellence on the Internet. In the spirit of the open Web, The Webby People's Voice is awarded by the voting public. Each year, The Webby People's Voice Awards garners millions of votes from all over the world. is the online version of the LWV Voters Guide; the content about candidates is the same. By moving the Voters Guide online, voters to can enter their street address and look up just the candidates who will be on their ballot. During a primary election they can choose which primary candidates to see. Vote411 users also can choose among candidates to create a personalized ballot, then can have it sent to their email address. Then they can print it and take it with them to the polls or copy info down if no printer is available. Printed Voters Guides appear in local Hays County newspapers shortly before Early Voting begins and can be found in area libraries.

New Main Polling Location

The Hays County Elections Office has moved! They are now located 120 Stagecoach Trail (at the corner of Stagecoach Trail and Hunter Road). The new location of the Elections Office is the Main Polling Location for both Early Voting and Election Day voting this fall. 

Please Note: The mailing address for the Hays County Elections Office is still at the Government Center, 712 South Stagecoach Trail, San Marcos, TX 78666.

Nueva ubicación principal de votación


La Oficina de Elecciones del Condado de Hays se ha mudado! Ahora están ubicados en 120 Stagecoach Trail (en la esquina de Stagecoach Trail y Hunter Road). La nueva ubicación de la Oficina de Elecciones es el lugar principal de votación tanto para la votación anticipada como para la votación el día de las elecciones este otoño.

Tenga en cuenta: La dirección postal de la Oficina de Elecciones del Condado de Hays todavía se encuentra en el Centro de Gobierno, 712 South Stagecoach Trail, San Marcos, TX 78666.
Direct link to the Hays County Elections Master Sample Ballot for the May 4 local elections.

How to Use Vote411

Use to:
•   Research your voter registration status
•   Begin the process of registering to vote (final steps require an original signature, but it may be started online)
•   Find out the candidates and issues on your ballot
•   Educate yourself on the candidates, comparing positions
•   Learn about the propositions (changes to the Texas Constitution or city/school board funding proposals)
•   Select the candidates and the position on various propositions you favor
•   Print out or email your choices to yourself
•   If you emailed your choices, copy them to paper

Note: You are allowed to carry paper voters guides into the polling booth but may not use an electronic device.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

I don't know the candidates. How can I make an informed choice?

The deeper you dig, the more confident you'll be about the candidate you choose.

Besides reading the questions and answers of various candidates in Vote 411, you may  want or need to dig deeper in some cases. Perhaps several people are running and half of those express opinions you agree with. What then?

Sometimes it takes further research to find out which candidates are viable, able to run the race with sufficient resources to win against the general election candidate of the other party. Comparing current fundraising totals can be helpful.

Videos and newspaper articles can also be helpful. Besides VOTE411, another nonpartisan, nonprofit tool for voters wishing to research the candidates on their ballot is Ballotpedia. They often provide links to newspaper or other articles on the candidate(s) running in any particular race.  Putting in your address will help you find the candidates running in your area. They do not have the most local races (county, city, or school board), but usually do cover those races involving a state level seat.

Videos can be found by using Google or your preferred search engine and searching for videos by primary race (Democratic or Republican Party and the office being sought by the candidate). Local, county, and state party clubs regularly hold events and film their candidates.  Other organizations (including news media) may also have video recordings available.

Note that smaller parties generally elect their candidates through a nominating convention process and are not included in VOTE411.

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Tips for Researching Candidates
Tips for Researching Candidates
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Check candidate debates and forums
Check candidate debates and forums

Candidate Forums and Debates provide invaluable information about the candidates and their ability to answer questions. Live or video recordings.

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Check newspaper articles
Check newspaper articles

Newspaper Articles and Print about candidates, if available, can provide in-depth local information and insights. But not all sources are equal.

Encourage Candidates to Participate in LWV Efforts to Promote Informed, Empowered Voters

For candidates who HAVE completed answers for VOTE411 and the Voters Guide, thank them for their participation in it in order that voters can be informed before casting their vote. Conversely, for candidates who HAVE NOT done so, ask them to do so can help get them to answer League questions. Like other voters, League members want to hear where our candidates stand on the issues. League members can also encourage their social media followers to join in the effort to encourage candidates to participate in VOTE411. Consider thanking candidates for participating, plus encourage them to share their answers with their friends and followers.
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Download application to vote by mail here:  English   Spanish  See step-by-step video here.  Read more